In every sailing club there are skippers who are short of crew on the one hand and on the other people who would like to be on the water but do not own a boat.  Please send an email with your contact info to Your information will be sent out to the club members.

Show up at the ramp –

Rum Races -( Every Wednesday from March till Late October)  The start window is 6:25PM~6:30PM. If you are looking for a ride please get to the ramps around 5:30PM.

Monthly Club Races on Saturdays,  Monthly Jameson Races on Sundays (See calendar for date and times). Show up at the ramp roughly an hour prior to the start of the race to secure a spot on one of the boats.




What if I don?t have a boat and don?t know anyone to sail with but would like to crew?
The best way to get started is to show up to one of the Lake Monroe races before the start and look for the race committee which will be meeting near the boat ramp. You can speak to someone on the race committee. Let them know that you want to sail but need to know who you might be able to sail with. If you see a particular boat that you want to crew on, don?t hesitate to introduce yourself, ask questions about the boat, and most likely, you will get yourself an invitation to crew for the day. Coming to our monthly meetings is also a good time to arrange a ride. We encourage you to try different types of boats and determine your best fit, then stay involved in the club.

I don?t have a boat, but am interested in crewing. Does membership help?
Yes it does. Club members, whether racing or practicing are frequently short handed and looking for help. As a club member you get assistance getting on these boats and eventually build relationships with other members and sooner or later you?ll be asked to crew on a regular basis by a captain.

Any tips on how to go about posting my information?
Give as much detail about experience (if you have any) as possible. “Its my dream to sail” is not a good post when trying to find a crew position. Offer some info a captain can use to make an informed decision. Don’t forget contact details.  Many captains are looking to find crew without posting a message on the crew wanted board themselves.

Maintaining Your Information – If your status changes and you would like to delete or modify your information on one of the lists, send an email to specifying the change.