2023 LMSA Membership Dues

Membership dues are one hundred fifty five dollars ($150.00) per year for a full membership.

Past Member renewal not current $150  + $30 re-initiation fee.

First Time Member dues are eighty dollars ($80.00) per year for the first year. ($50.00 New Member Dues + $30.00 Initiation Fee)

Associate memberships are seventy-five dollars ($75.00) and are offered to:

  • Full time student
  • Youth, ages sixteen (16) to twenty one (21)
  • Part time residents, as defined by the LMSA Charter and Bylaws
  • Part time resident is defined as a resident who live 6 months or less of a calendar year in Seminole County or counties contiguous to Seminole County
  • A resident of a county not contiguous to Seminole County.

The required payment is for twelve months.  Dues are payable in advance for the full year which begins January 1.

Mailing address

Lake Monroe Sailing Association

531 North Palmetto avenue.

Sanford, FL 32771

Pay online