VOLUNTEER REGATTA JOBS FOR ANNUAL EVENTS: email job request to fla.lmsa@gmail.com

LMSA Regatta Event Procedure

REGATTA COORDINATORS: One or two per regatta to manage event details and volunteers. Mentors available.

GREETER & GUIDES:  Shore duty. In the parking lot to greet and direct visiting sailors to correct ramp and allowed parking areas.  Minimum of 2 people on first day of large events.

RAMP AIDES:  Shore/water duty. Be at ramps to assist our guests with their boats if needed in unloading, loading, boarding or bailing off.  Minimum of 2 people per day (1 per ramp) and must willing to get damp if needed.

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN:  Shore duty. At designated location to accept registrations, money, check in pre-registered, distribute info. Minimum of 2 organized people with basic math skills for first morning of event only. Documents and cash box provided but must set up and organize prior to opening. Work with score keeper to create list of participants.

SALES: Shore duty. If available, sell event or club items during registration or time assigned. Minimum of 1 person per day.

RACE COMMITTEE ASSISTANT: Water duty. Under direction of PRO operating the race, assist on the RC boat. Jobs may include recording scores, raising/lowering flags, sounding horn, watching start/finish line, driving/anchoring and moving marks. Must be willing to be on the boat for the duration of the race(s). Can commit for one or two days. Number of volunteers needed is determined by the PRO and number of courses.

RC & SUPPORT BOAT PREP: Shore duty to inflate/deflate marks and load/unload all racing equipment . Minimum of 2 people per day or 4 people if dividing duties by AM/PM. Usually meet in advance of event to review mark needs and condition.

SUPPORT BOAT ASSISTANT:   Water duty. Assigned to a power boat to assist course prep/change, capsized boats and wet sailor retrieval as needed.   Able bodies will assist in all activities on the water under the direction of the PRO.  Must be willing to be on a boat for the duration of the race(s). Can commit for one or two days.  Appreciate GPS and VHF savvy assistants. Cameras welcome. Number of support boats dictates number of volunteers per day.

PROTEST RECEIVER: Shore duty. One/day at club house for participants returning and filing protest per sailing rules.

PROTEST COMMITTEE: Shore duty. Minimum of 3 people per event day to collect, hear and act upon protest filed by participants.


RECEIVER: Shore duty. One person on Friday before event to be on site for porta-potty delivery and lock with chains/padlock.

CHAIRS/TABLES: Shore duty. If warranted, order, pick up, deliver and return chairs/tables for event.

EVENT SITE: Shore duty. Prep club location for event. Prior to event set canopy, trash cans, check for ants and remove dog waste. Day of event set tables/chairs if available and set emergency ramp cones/sign. After event clear all items and trash.

BREAKFAST: Shore duty. Coordinate, deliver, setup, monitor and cleanup event breakfast. One or both event days and time determined by scheduled events.

DINNER: Shore duty. Coordinate, deliver/receive meal, setup, monitor and organize cleanup. May require seeking caterer, picking menu and determining quantities/adjustments. Minimum of 2 people.

BEVERAGE HOST: Shore duty. Prep and maintain stock in beverage cooler or standard coolers with beer, sodas and water for event days.

FOOD HOST: Shore duty. Coordinate volunteers for appetizers &/or desserts if requested.  Size of event dictates need.

TROPHIES: Shore duty. Work with event coordinator/officers in ordering, pickup and delivery of trophies. Setup/prepare trophies for distribution on final day of event. You might also assist host/MC in presenting.

VOLUNTEER CLUB JOBS FOR CLUBHOUSE/EVENTS:  email job request to fla.lmsa@gmail.com

CLUB RACE PRO ASSISTANT:  Assist at monthly club race.

FLEET CAPTAIN ASSISTANT: Available for a month as alternate for Fleet Captain in his absence at various club races (rum, Jameson, etc).

BOSUN ASSISTANT: Available for a month to assist club boat bosun in prep, maintenance and/or repairs.

TIME COLLECTOR: Available for a month for gathering times from sailors in various club races (rum, Jameson,etc).

SCORING: Available for a month for scoring various club races (rum, Jameson, etc). Computer program and training available.

CLUB HOUSE MAINTENANCE: Available 1x per week for 1 month to monitor clubhouse for trash removal, clutter, clean floor, dust, etc.

SOCIAL COORDINATORS:  Need one coordinator per miscellaneous club events. Determine location, caterer or volunteer dishes, setup, execution and cleanup of After Christmas Party/January, Pool Party/July or various social BBQs.