Mother’s Arm Challenge

Mother’s Arm Challenge is a navigation’s nightmare of tight channels, shallow bottoms and hungry wildlife. The course is shown in the map below defined in yellow. Captains are permitted to take shortcuts if they feel confident enough to take them and not run aground or get stuck behind the boat ahead of them who may run aground.

Mark your calendar. The 2022 Mother’s ARm Challenge will take place January 1st, 2023.

Stay tune for more updates.

Update 12- 27- 2022 . The Lake Monroe Mother’s Arm Challenge, postponed by hurricanes, is on for January 1. Come join us for this unique race through the river of grass at the east end of Lake Monroe. Sail in flat water, with the top half of your sails catching the wind over the wetlands. It’s an exciting navigational and sailing challenge! 11:30 AM skippers meeting, and approximately a 1 PM start. This race is free for LMSA members, and $20 for nonmembers. We look forward to having you join us!